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Baja Designs

RTL LED Rear Light Bar

RTL LED Rear Light Bar


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Improve safety during your off-road adventures or races with the Baja Designs RTL, or Rear Tail Light, offering enhanced visibility at the rear of your vehicle. Visibility is paramount when navigating trails, and the marker light's capacity to penetrate dust adds an extra layer of safety when traversing dirt paths. With the various options to meet race-legal rear taillight requirements in the RTL-B and RTL-G ensuring visibility on the racecourse, you can confidently take the lead knowing that you're easily visible to others. This all-inclusive kit comprises the selected RTL bar and mounting hardware for simple installation, ensuring your setup is trail-ready. The benefits of an RTL include Enhanced Safety – providing improved visibility in dusty and foggy conditions – and Durability – crafted to endure the challenges of off-road driving. Enjoy peace of mind with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee and lifetime limited warranty, offering ultimate protection for your purchase.