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On/Off Wiring Harness - OnX6 (10"-20") / S8 (10"-30") / XL Sport/XL

On/Off Wiring Harness - OnX6 (10"-20") / S8 (10"-30") / XL Sport/XL


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This harness is designed specifically for the Baja Designs OnX6+ (10-20in), S8 light bar (10-30in) and XL Sport or XL Pro auxilary light. The harness is rated for x1 10 inch-20 inch OnX6 light bar, or x1 10 inch-30 inch S8 light bar. We spend a substantial amount of time developing these harnesses to ensure they are safe, and reliable for your adventures. The installation of this harness is simple, the harness has positive and negative terminals to be ran to your battery. The harness has a single 3-pin plug for the OnX6 Plus, S8, XL Sport/Pro that easily plugs in using a weather pack connector. The rest is a matter of routing throughout your vehicle. 


  • Single 3-pin weather pack connector 
  • Works for OnX6+ light bar (10-20in)
  • Works for S8 light bar (10-30in) 
  • Power a single XL Sport or XL Pro auxilary light
  • Note: This harness will not work with OnX6+ 30in. and above and S8 40in. and above